Bundle Of Hope

When Kimberly Burns got married, she was thinking a white picket fence and a family, but like many things in life, not everything was under her control. Sometimes life throws obstacles in our path that tests our faith. Kimberly’s journey through disability, divorce, and despair strengthened her faith and gave her a “Bundle of Hope.”

Kimberly’s true story reveals the valuable life lessons she learned along her journey and how her faith and determination gave her the life she so desired. Through Inspiring personal stories and practical “how to” tips, Kimberly shows us how to lead a life of victory. Today Kimberly Burns is healthy and happily married with a beautiful child, Joshua. She now gives hope to others and passes on what she has learned.

Thank you for visiting the website!  I pray that this book blesses you and your loved ones.  To place an order, click on the button below.  The book is $15.00 + $3.00 s/h.  If you are purchasing more than 8 books, please email me at godisfaithful01@yahoo.com for s/h rate.

Bundle Of Hope, With Faith There’s Hope



If you would like to learn more about the Reliv nutrition that is mentioned or review clinically proven formulas of complete balanced nutrition, go to Burns.relivinglife.com.  I am living a medication and pain-free life.

Thank you for your order and I pray God blesses you abundantly!

9 thoughts on “Bundle Of Hope

  1. Congratulations, Kimberly! I can’t wait to read your book! I know from experience how much of yourself you poured into it. I just finished the final draft of mine. You’ve been blessing people all along, and this book is bound to bless many more. May the Lord our God bless the work of your hands!


  2. Kimberly, you gave me your address and cost with shipping, but i misplaced it! sorry, would like to purchase the book. thanks, gretchen deLucia (from Pittsburgh area).


  3. Kimberly, I did something today I have never done. I am a slow reader and I read your book all day. I could not put it down. You are a very talented writer. I learned a lot from the book. God spoke to me about a few things thank you and God bless you!!


  4. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for talking to me the other day (via Barbara). Your brief description of your story inspired me and motivated me to get your book. Maybe someday we can meet and you can sign it for me. I’m really looking forward to reading it.


  5. I talked to you at the Impact last Saturday and really am in awe of your story. I would like to help my friend who just had some nerve endings burned today due to fibro. I can not wait to read your book.


  6. Kimberly,
    With your story, you are truly evangelizing Jesus Christ for us for our lives! With the scriptures, prayers and prayers for future blessings, gratitude journal – your story teaches us how to pray and where to go in the Bible. I am so glad Jesus encouraged you to write your story.
    Sometimes when we hear each other’s 2 minute Reliv story and then we may not hear it all the time, we don’t know all the details of someone’s life. Your journey is humbling and amazing but your testament of your faith in Jesus Christ is the cornerstore of this book!
    Congratulations! and Thank You again for writing your story


  7. I am a Reliv distributor in Marscia Fleagle’s group. I talked to u briefly @ Impact Charlotte about receiving ur book.


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