About Kimberly Burns

“You need to realize you will always be on medication and be disabled,” doctors told Kimberly.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t receive that. With God, all things are possible,” Kimberly kindly replies.

When Kimberly Burns got married, she was thinking a white picket fence and a family, but like many things in life, not everything was under her control. Sometimes life throws obstacles in our path that tests our faith. Kimberly’s journey through disability, divorce, and despair strengthened her faith and gave her a “Bundle of Hope.”

Kimberly’s true story reveals the valuable life lessons she learned along her journey and how her faith and determination gave her the life she so desired. Through Inspiring personal stories and practical “how to” tips, Kimberly shows us how to lead a life of victory.

Today Kimberly Burns is healthy and happily married with a beautiful child, Joshua. She now gives hope to others and passes on what she has learned.

Christmas Bow

Kimberly is excited to announce the release of her 2nd book, “12 Ways To Have a Meaningful & Stress-Free Christmas!”  Her prayer is that, as people discover 12 tricks of the trade to do things ahead and incorporate meaningful traditions, that you will rediscover what Christmas is really all about!

KIMBERLY BURNS is a professional speaker and author. She has travelled across the country speaking and teaching at conferences. Kimberly has a passion to empower women in churches as well as in prisons to grow to their full potential. Her favorite role in life, though, is as a devoted wife and loving mother. Kimberly is humbled and grateful of how the Lord has used the trials in her own life to convey a message of hope and healing for people all around the world.

3 thoughts on “About Kimberly Burns

  1. An extremely powerful story and inspiring book that will help you understand that life without Jesus is empty; there is no happiness, no peace and no joy. This book along with the CDs will help you find answers to your questions, navigate through your life when you are in the valley and find solutions to today’s life. It will give you a new perspective on life with God.

  2. The testimonies in this series are so inspiring. The friends Kimberly speaks with are genuine and they share how their faith brought them through some serious trials. Kimberly absolutely exudes her love, joy and faith in the Lord Jesus! Everyone will be blessed by spending time with Kimberly and her friends and her miracle family. This is not a video to keep to yourself. It is definitely meant to be shared!

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