Kimberly’s 2nd Book “12 Ways to Have a Meaningful & Stree-Free Christmas!”

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Christmas…it’s the most wonderful time of the year…Yes! We see the best come out in others. It’s a time to get together with friends and family.

But, let’s face it, all too often it is filled with stress from standing in long shopping lines to rushing to the grocery store for (yet) one more party tray to fighting Pinterest stress (yes, that is an actual syndrome!). You want this time to be filled with joy and laughter. So, what do you do?

Discover 12 ways to truly have, not only a meaningful, but stress-free Christmas! You will find practical tricks of the trade that will help you spend less time in frenzied mall lines and more time doing what matters most, enjoying quality time with loved ones and serving others in need. Are you looking for new, meaningful traditions? Listed are a few of the author’s favorites! You will find recipes with ingredients you can buy ahead to a step-by-step easy guide how to create address labels so you will never suffer from hand-cramping again!

Thank you for visiting the website!  I pray that this book blesses you and your loved ones.  To place an order, click on the button below. If you are purchasing more than 3 books, please email me at for s/h rate. Allow this book to help you rediscover what Christmas truly is all about!

12 Ways to Have a Meaningful & Stress-Free Christmas


Kimberly Burns is an author, professional speaker, and Bible study teacher. She serves as an Ambassador for Reliv International. Through her life story from disability, Kimberly conveys in Bundle of Hope, With Faith, There’s Hope a message of hope and healing for people all over the world. Her favorite role, though, is as a wife and mother. Kimberly is the recipient of the 2015 Extraordinary People’s Award.